Happy Sunday stuff, with a little morbidity for balance

  1. For a brief moment yesterday, I harshed on the mellow of West Central Florida's happiest mammal.  I parked outside Job 2, and a woman was playing catch with her German shepard.  She'd throw a soft frisbee, and the dog–we'll call him Gunter–would bound after it, catching it in the air more often than not.  Gunter would bring the frisbee back, and his hooman would throw his ball.  Gunter would drop the frisbee, and bound off after the ball.  He brought the ball back once, looked up, and saw your humble narrator smiling at the scene.  Gunter stared at me with the look only a German shepard could muster: the look that reminds us why they're used as police dogs.  I froze, smile fading, and Gunter still glared at me.  Then the hooman tossed his frisbee again; Gunter's smile returned and he bounded across the field, carefree and puppy like.  He'd sent his message, and I knew he was aware of whatever subterfuge I was plotting.
  2. I typically don't praise corporate entities, but…
  3. Let me rephrase that, I've made several large pieces of money producing commercials for corporate entities, but in here–where I'm not being paid to convince people to buy chicken or cars or enjoy a Florida beach vacation–I don't usually mention products or big companies, except to mock them.  Or because I dig NyQuil, of course. 
  4. Anyway, Walgreen's has a program wherein you enroll for $20, then you can get a 90-day supply of most generic drugs for only $12.  I picked up three refills last night, and even with the one-time sign up fee, I saved $150 off the retail price.  I have pretty good insurance now, and I paid about $40 less than I would have with it, and I didn't have to order through the mail.
  5. I ended up giggling in the men's room last night.  No, this not a common occurrence–not since Donna the Sales Assistant and I were in there once–but I'd gone #1, and I decided to wash my hands like a good boy.  I put my hands under the faucet and stood there for about five seconds, waiting for the water to start.  It didn't.  Apparently, you have to turn a knob for the water to gush forth.  That's what cracked me up.  I'm now so used to the automatic sinks at Job 1, that I was actually shocked that I had to draw my own water.  I'm a geek, I admit.
  6. Tomorrow is my friend Drew's funeral.  I won't be able to attend, but I'll watch tomorrow night's Perseid meteor shower in his honor.  I think he'd appreciate that. 
  7. I think it's awesome that something–Comet Swift-Tuttle, in this case–can die and create something beautiful and awe-inspiring.
  8. That said, if I must die someday, I think it would be cool to be turned into an artificial reef.  I'd be the artificial reef ball that the fish swam inside, then went nom-nom-nom on them.
  9. I also think it would be highly amusing to have part of my cremated remains mixed into cookies to be served at my wake.  Then at the end, somebody could make a shocking announcement, like those obnoxious Pizza Hut commercials where people pay tons of money for school lunchroom style pasta, only to have the chef come in and announce that Pizza Hut had made the pasta.  The patrons are all amazed and delighted at this revelation.  I'd be pissed.  Why the hell am I dressed up, paying all this money, when I could be sitting at home in my jammies eating Pizza Hut pasta?
  10. To all my friends in Toronto, I hope you're okay after the explosion today.  I'm thinking about you. 
  11. R.I.P. Bernie Mac–you cracked me up, and I liked and respected you.  Keep 'em laughing up there.
  12. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  

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6 Responses to “Happy Sunday stuff, with a little morbidity for balance”

  1. Thanks for thinking of Toronto. I didn't even know anything had happened till I logged into a news site this morning. I'm not close enough to have heard anything, let alone be affected by it.

  2. I'm glad for you and your furry family. I couldn't believe what it said–the subway closed, part of Canada's busiest highway. Gah. I guess it would've been worse had it happened in mid-winter, but there's never really a good time for a propane explosion.

  3. Oh, I don't know. In winter, it would have melted a lot of that pesky snow.

  4. #5 – that's happened to me too! i don't know that i giggled but i remember being puzzled when the water wouldn't come out even though my hands had to be under the sensor.

  5. your "nom-nom-nom" #8 made me laugh. hehe.

  6. Crunchy Tom Cookies? OK, sounds like a fine idea. I've always thought it would be cool to have my dusty remains and chunks mixed into some really dazzling fireworks. Oh, the funeral's already over….You OK?I missed the meteors..How were they?Bernie Mac — yowee — young. So many croaking talents.

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