A request

My dear friend Jill is having major surgery this afternoon.  If you could, say a prayer/send good energy/implore Ceiling Cat/think good things/light a candle–whatever works for you. 




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12 Responses to “A request”

  1. Of course: ((((((hugs)))))) and GVs to Jill……And you, too, since you're her friend.

  2. Best wishes to Jill!!!

  3. All things good – to Jill.

  4. xox to you and jill.

  5. She has them. Hope she is better.

  6. Didin't get a chance to post until now, but thought about Jill all day. Hope everything went well.

  7. Hope it all went well! ((HUGS))

  8. Sending positive vibes to Jill and you. Hope everything is well.

  9. Tom, I hope she's doing well– here's a video that might make you smile — An Engineer's Guide to Cats

  10. Oh god Tom, I totally missed this. Im sorry. I hope Jills ok. x

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