This news brought to you by Nyquil

Julia Roberts can hold a grudge.  She's icily polite to me.  Not really hostile at all, but I can tell she still hasn't forgiven me for the crap her brother Eric and I got into years ago.  And the bean soup at the new food court was all dried out and dessicated.  Everything else was splendid there–the Southern vegetable bar was loaded for possum, with a whole mess of collards, boiled cabbage with ham, fried okra, and pinto beans the way grandma used to make them.

I wake up, and find my nurse glaring at me, probably because she likes Julia.

No surprise.  My whole family loves her, still.  They always took her side: "What the hell are Eric and Tom doing? Always out getting in trouble.  Julia's so sweet."

Whatever.  They're right, of course, but I've atoned, as has Eric.  We repaid the bond money.   I've been sober three years; I apologized to the girls, their sorority, and their respective parents, and I haven't seen Eric since the trial.  He was pissed that Greta Scachi was sitting next to me. 

Nom-nom-nom on two more gelcaps.  Sleep imminent.  I hope it's not a jungle safari.  I hate those sonstobitches.

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10 Responses to “This news brought to you by Nyquil”

  1. Have a beautiful Sunday, Tom.

  2. Awwwwwww, those rotten cold bug varmints still got you in their nasty grasp?? I'm so sorry…….((hugs))Feel better soon. *waves to Ana-Sofia*

  3. That's the one thing that's frustrating (ha! just one??) about being a single parent… you can't sleep when you are sick. I'm happy you can sleep it off. Because sleep is the salve for LOTS of things, including colds. Feel better soon mister.

  4. I think Julia Roberts is evil. The idea of a Nyquil slumber sounds so good right now …

  5. she should change her name to Julia Gulia like the one who plays in the movie "the wedding singer" hahaha and listen to what your nurse says or rather observe what she tries to tell you something 🙂

  6. I'd never thought of that–Julia Gulia. That movie kills me every time. My nurse is very, very difficult to ignore.

  7. that's why they call them nurse hehehe…

  8. i love nyquil. heh.

  9. Nyquil – the green fairy for the 20th century.get better soon Tom.

  10. Pah! Julia Roberts???

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