How to steal a movie

    In the pantheon of extended cameos, this one stands alone.  At least six Oscars between the cast members, and Alec Baldwin walks off with the film.  

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6 Responses to “How to steal a movie”

  1. Yup. Who can forget this? Scarred me permanently. Another reason I'm pushing the HouseMax concept for selling real estate.

  2. coffee is for closers!

  3. I swear, I almost said that to one of my fellow jury duty schlubs when she went for the pot. "You think I'm f**king with you, lady? I am NOT f**king with you."

  4. i LOVE this movie. love it love it love it.i also love alec you watch 30 rock? he's awesome. as is my girl, tina fey. i would have 1000 of her babies. hehe.btw, have you seen the SNL spoof of this scene? hehehe. makes me laugh…

  5. I saw this movie aaaaages ago and didn't like it one bit (and I'm not the only one). However, so freaking many people like it that I suppose I should give it another try one of these years.

  6. I wasn't crazy about the film as a whole, but the 8 minutes Alec Baldwin was on was awesome.

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