Leave my neighbors alone, damn you Fengshen!

One of my favorite things about Vox is getting to know people all over the world.  Over the past several months, I've made several friends in the Philippines, where Typhoon Fengshen has been wreaking havoc.  I declare SHENANIGANS on Fengshen, and ask that he vacate the archipelago at once.  Seriously, send good thoughts/vibes/prayers, etc, Philippineward.  Thanks.

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11 Responses to “Leave my neighbors alone, damn you Fengshen!”

  1. oh yeah, it's been horrible today. no Internet connection for several hours! I was dying!why is it called Fengshen where you're from? they call it Frank over here.(I am sooo behind what's going on but when did we start calling typhoons by men's names? We used to use women's names.)hope you had a good Sunday!I feel like I was raped the whole day today. It was just horrible!

  2. sending good thoughts and seconding your call for shenanigans

  3. Fengshen is "International Name," although I saw PAGASA called it Frank. Men's names started in 1979, around the time you were born. ;-)I saw reports of flooding and damage, and those poor souls lost on the ferry. These storms suck. I'm glad you're okay, Jen. In summer 2004, we got four storms. I found it much harder to complain about my power being out when I saw all the roofs that had been blown off. Eep.

  4. Sending thoughts of hope that the typhoon ends soon!Lee is friends with a guy on the Rogan Board who is smack dab in the middle of all that flooding in the US. He's posted some pictures of the area hes in… before he was evacuated.

  5. Well, he's gone now.The sunshine and heat's all back. :(( (I know, I'm crazy)

  6. The two architects at the two desks right next to me are from the Phillipines, and they've been on news sites all morning getting updates. My area seems to have a lot of Phillippino (sp?) immigrants, and I have to say… they are, to a person, the nicest people. Seriously Benny is a bodybuilding BOUNCER and he's probably the nicest guy to ever kick me in the head.Good vibes to the people, and bad vibes to the weather!

  7. During my month long hospital incarceration over Christmas, I had probably a dozen or more Filipina nurses. They were all the kindest, sweetest people I encountered. I talked to one of them, and she said area hospitals actually recruit in the Philippines. I'm glad. Nurse Miriam was always after me to marry a nice Filipina nurse. Sadly, nurse Miriam was already married. I'm sure you were kicked in the head as kindly as possible.

  8. i just saw this. thank you for sending him away. 🙂

  9. You're welcome, Cher. I'm glad he left you safe.

  10. Tom, "Frank" decided to pay me a visit here in Hong Kong.Ugh.

  11. I'm so sorry, May. I should have been more specific. I'm on a break from jury duty, so I had it weaken to a tropical storm. Good luck, hon! 🙂

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