Thursday Foto Fun Quiz

Below are two photographs.  I took one of them from a Ford pickup truck's driver-side window.  Somebody else took the other from their ride.  Guess which one is mine.

Photo 1:

It's a tough choice, I know.  Good luck, and happy Thursday.

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6 Responses to “Thursday Foto Fun Quiz”

  1. HAH!! It's a trick question!!! Ana-Sofia took one of them!lol — i love the fog shot– very cool.And the space one is stunning too.

  2. OMG! What a tough question! I am VERY sure that Photo #2 is the one you took, astronaut! 🙂

  3. Few people know that Ana-Sofia was an astronaut. lol I can just see her floating around the ISS, meowing in her little helmet. 😉

  4. Most people would assume that, Connie, but I actually took the first one. Sorry to disappoint. 😉

  5. hmmmmmmm…really really tough! 😛

  6. oooh, tom. that's a toughie! hehe ;P

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