These quizzes hate me

You Were Unicorn: You were driven to extinction, and you may have been completely imaginary anyway, for all people care. You have a giant head with a horn. Because of you, Lord Voldemort was able to survive his incorporeality. Your nature is solitary, because no group welcomes you. Crap, can you blame them? You couldn't even grow a pair of horns correctly, so do you think Santa will invite you to pull his sleigh? Hellz no, U-corn: prepare for an eternity of cold, lonely Christmas Eve's with that spotty elephant and the Charlie in the Box. Few people get the chance to know you, because you're usually locked away from polite society, either in a nutbin or maximum security prison.

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3 Responses to “These quizzes hate me”

  1. Aw. That's special.

  2. lol — !I took this a cople of times. Once I was a pigeon and once I was a tiger.These quizzes make me twitch.

  3. you are a cute little unicorn! hehehe.

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