If you like an extra-firm bed…

This is wrong on so many levels, but if you're redecorating in neophallic, have at it.


(And Happy Birthday Gunderson Bee!!!!)

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20 Responses to “If you like an extra-firm bed…”

  1. Wow. This woman has just gotten her first apartment and now it looks like her Architectural Digests and House Beautifuls are going straight in the trash.

  2. I feel dirty now…

  3. Wow. That's gotta make a man feel inadequate.

  4. you know, i was hoping to get a new bed sometime soon. i wasn't really sure what style to get….problem solved! i will purchase the penis bed and the wife will never look at me the same again…f-ing hilarious

  5. Those are some big penises. Seriously. After the few days I've had, that picture made my day!

  6. And I thought I'd have trouble getting my big penis through airport security.

  7. This is so awesome. :-)It makes me think of my sister's ex-boyfriend because he took a cue from Superbad and drew the male anatomy all the time. He needs this bed for when he goes off to college.

  8. lolI'm just laughing because not everybody understands about your big penis, IG.

  9. What? I don't get it. What's so dirty? Penis? What are you all talking about?

  10. It depends on your sleep number, I think.

  11. Uh……er…….ahem………*stares*………erm……..*runs*

  12. lolOf course, I'd never trading in my Select Comfort for this thing.

  13. Select Comfort? That sounds a little suspect, too….but more amiable.

  14. Pshaw, your Select Comfort is no match for my Serta. Mine came with a plush sheep for me to count.And it sure as hell don't beat the old school waterbed I have in the den. Well, actually, comfort-wise, everything beats a waterbed.

  15. I'm sorry. I'm just thinking how painful all those intricate carvings look.

  16. Gawd ….. you know, this looks like it is on a film set ….

  17. I'd have it…..

  18. I won't even think about your plush sheep and Toonces' puppy pillow, wondering if their roles are similar.

  19. I saw this at my local Rooms To Go. The salesguy was really hard-up to make the sale but I felt like I was getting dicked around.

  20. You could have pitched a tent and waited until he lowered the price. *blushes* Too much?

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