QotD: Famous Last Words

If you knew you were about to lose your voice permanently, what is the last thing you would want to say?
Submitted by exer.


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12 Responses to “QotD: Famous Last Words”

  1. LMHO!!!And that picture is wonderful!! (the one you posted…although Citizen Kane was good too…)

  2. I was thinking about the lines of oh, fuc….!

  3. LOL Mariser!Nice one, Tom – though you'll send some of us scrambling for an answer to the mysterious "Rosebud"!

  4. Enigmatic of me, no? lol Just don't burn my childhood toys, please.

  5. lol I'm sure "oh, fu…" would probably be what I actually said.

  6. i loooove that movie. and yes. that would be the BEST EVER. 😀

  7. Truly sick whackadoo minds thing alike.

  8. Right. And now i'm going to jump on your beloved sleigh and set it on fire.

  9. You don't fool me, Mo Edward. You're in cahoots with that evil Boss Jim Gettys. Take my slay, strumpet, and fie on thee–it's 95 degrees outside, and I was just tripping over the damned thing anyway.

  10. Rosebud?I remember an episode of Ghostbusters (Peter, Eagon, Ray, and the black guy? I forget his name!) where they were after a ghost that kept wailing "Rosebud."Probably not the same thing, hmm?

  11. Yeah, they were probably referring to the movie (Citizen Kane, of course). lol I don't remember the black Ghostbuster's name either. The actor was Ernie Hudson–I remember that, but I don't remember his character. Happy Tuesday.

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