Tuesdayish things


  • Getting a sore throat and cold-type thing when it's summer.
  • Speaking of summer, High 92, Low 82, humidity near 2000%.  Repeat till late October.
  • Puddin' got in a car wreck on her way to work last week.
  • Nice after dinner outdoor chat with Dollbaby ruined by swarms of Culicoides.
  • It concerns me that I could spell "Culicoides," but couldn't figure out how best to spell "no-see-ums."
  • Gas prices exceeding the price of Diet Mountain Dew.
  • Lake Tom is low, exposing some of the tilapia nests.


  • Knocking the bo-shit out of said sore throat with leftover Levaquin (see "Hydrogen bomb vs ant mound.")
  • Made it through another grueling winter without frostbite or shoveling snow.
  • Puddin' wasn't hurt in her accident, and it was the other guy's fault.
  • I kinda dig being an entomology geek, even though it's absolutely useless and annoying to others.
  • I'm a verry gud spellar.
  • With prices as they are, I've forced myself to stop drinking gasoline, and go back to Diet Mountain Dew.  I miss that smell, that gasoline smell, but the Dew has more octane.
  • Working a Robert Duvall "Apocalypse Now" quote into my loves list.
  • Rainy season starts very soon, and Lake Tom will refill like it always does.
  • As always, ten fingers, ten toes, one steady pulse.

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7 Responses to “Tuesdayish things”

  1. Loathe: When people say stuff that makes me worry.Love: Learning they were participating in Things on Tuesday and that there's a happy side to the bad. :)You know how I feel about the Dew. Probably healthier to drink the gasoline.

  2. Perhaps, Kirk, but it's so hard to find a good brominated vegetable oil supplement in the health food stores.

  3. That is true. They really ought to make a patch.

  4. gasoline smell makes me gag. you and your damn bugs. you need to come out here and take mia out on nature walks. that girl loves bugs. i do not. help me. or maybe i can send her to you. can i? hehe. 😛

  5. You wouldn't want her back after a time with me. She'd be scratching, farting, and pointing out every cool bug and celestial phenomenon there is. :-)I thought you might like that Culecoides picture, since it looks like a robot or transformer or whatnot and they have small probosces. The nasty blighters are a millimeter long, and they're ferocious. Wait: very small, ferocious with a small proboscis? Remind you of anyone, Graciela? 😉

  6. wait. so are you offering to keep her forever? 😛 hehehe. hehehe… you're a funny guy. you make me laugh consistently. heh.

  7. So, if diesel gets so high in price that everyone is converting to biodiesel, then won't there be a shortage of vegetable oil and hence a great spike in prices for things like brominated vegetable oil? Oh, the wicked plot just keeps on thickening…

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