Treacherous bunny alert

A serious crime wave is gripping the world.  Bunnies are committing identity theft.  Even though IG and her fellow bunny acolytes will tell you bunnies are wonderful, furry balls of cuddle heaven on earth, beware! These pictures are not for the squeamish.  Happy Wednesday.

Scary, I know.  Please, be careful, or next time you go to pet your kitty, you may find a bunny instead.  (And that your wallet is missing, all your produce had been eaten, and your daughter's knocked-up)

PM me your e-mail addy if you want the whole frightening set)

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7 Responses to “Treacherous bunny alert”

  1. omg, a friend of mine sent me the email the other day. SO DAMN CUTE. i love bunnies!!!!

  2. DG's ears did look a bit longer this morning. And, come to think of it, I had to use my debit card at Starbucks this morning because my wallet had been cleaned out. I thought it was Karin, but now I'm starting to wonder…

  3. Karin might have been replaced by a bunny. As Professor Moody says, "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" Good luck, my friend.

  4. I saw a bunny in my neighbor's yard the other day. 🙂 I like bunnies.

  5. hahahahahahahahahahsasgahgff,dfflwe……………!!………..!!……….!!(the bunnies…the bunnies!!! they're sitting on my keyboard trying to CUTE me to death!!! See their little ears, there, in the typing???? !! eeeeeeeeeeeeek

  6. You and your typing bunnies slay me. Ana-Sofia sends *purrs* to Sweetie.

  7. hee.Thank her for me — Sweetie's taking a nap — I gave him a new toy last night and he tore around the house all through the night He's still tired. And we have a tornado watch, so I'm letting him sleep until it gets noisy here.

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