QotD: Since my first post on Vox, I’ve…

Look at the first post you ever wrote on Vox. What important developments or changes have occurred in your life since then?
Submitted by Alexandra.

I hadn't really written anything in a couple years, and my first Vox was pretty stiff.  I started off talking about nice turns of phrase, and ended up brooding on death and my former neighbor's suicide.  Very cheery.  Since then, I've gotten some of my writing skills back.  I spent my third month as a Vox member in the hospital, and now Ana-Sofia seems to be turning khaki for the summer.  My cousin Sarah-pooh had a beautiful baby girl last month, and I had three or four friends die.  I ended one relationship amicably, and now I'm in another.  It's life's ebb and flow, the sweet and maddening dance.

Most of all, when I wrote that first post, I only had one friend in here (Ama Duende).  Now, I have the greatest international coalition of cool people ever assembled.  I've had lots of fun in Vox, and I'm grateful for all your comments/friendship/thinly veiled scorn. 

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5 Responses to “QotD: Since my first post on Vox, I’ve…”

  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{giddyhugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}The same to you!

  2. Nothing thinly veiled about my scorn! It's always fully exposed, 100% fragrance-free, no additives or preservatives. If I scorn you, you'll know.Maybe. I might surreptitiously scorn you in which case you'll never see it coming and you won't see it leaving either. heh heh heeehhh…I'm glad we're neighbors and I'm glad you're having wellness in all kinds of ways!

  3. That's why you're one of my favorite neighbors: there's nothing worse than pansy-ass "scorn Lite." If you're going to scorn me, go ahead and scorn me. I'll pull the knife out, bleed awhile, heal, and we can go get breakfast. The worst is when I can't tell whether or not I've been scorned. That will keep me up at night. You take pride in your work, sKZ, and all of us here in the Tom Zone, LLC, thank you. Cheers.;-)

  4. I like the sweet maddening dance of life. So true! Thanks Tom for being such a nice neighbor.

  5. you are one of my fave neighbors evah! 😀

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