Smile and wave!

I see L with her boxcar kitties, and some of my other Vox neighbors down there.  Oh, and this intern I dated one summer long ago.  Hi, Pumpkin! Thanks for breaking my heart! 😉  

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13 Responses to “Smile and wave!”

  1. the Earth is round!!!wow that's a spectacular picture!!!!!!*waves to Laurie and the kitties*

  2. Hi Laurie!!!

  3. *waving madly back at Tom and robbbie* I can pick out my condo building and the buildings across the street from the boxcars! My neighborhood is a couple of blocks inland from the harbourfront, almost to the left-hand end of the inner harbour. And I work on the other side of the CN tower, a couple of blocks closer to the viewer. This is very cool.

  4. *also waving at IG* And those are the Toronto Islands, the green strip that separates the harbor from the lake. That's where I go for my writing retreat every summer. It's like not even being in the city.

  5. Wow, it's really pretty! All that green and blue. What's the space needle-looking thing?

  6. Laurie, I think this is the view Ceiling Cat has when he purrs down on you for your kitteh rescue work.

  7. That's the CN Tower — at one time the world's tallest freestanding structure. Tourist destination, revolving restaurant, that kind of thing.

  8. So true.Great pic.

  9. I really like Toronto a lot. I was in the gay village for pride 2006 with a maniac. This is an awesome pic!

  10. NICE peekture!!!! HI Laurie!!! Hi kitties! Hi boxcars! :DDDDDD(Boo, mean intern)~~~! ;)This is the view that God's Ceiling Cat has.

  11. That's an amazing picture. Really breathtaking. Except that just merely looking at it makes my knees shake. I have a big fear of heights. Watching Spiderman made me tremble. 😛

  12. I'm with you. I get vertigo watching Mountain Dew tv ads where people jump off waterfalls and such. Eep.

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