QotD: Pet Names

What are the goofy nicknames you have for your pet? Bonus points for sharing a picture of him/her.
Submitted by Papi Chulo.

I had a hell of a time naming this cat.  It was clear, when she moved in, that she wasn't going to be content with just any name.  I started with "Sascha," after the U.S. Olympic skater.  This is because this cat and the lovely young Ms Coen both flopped down a lot, and both had surprisingly squeaky voices.  This did not suit her.  "Kitten" worked, because it is cute and affectionate, so we went with that for awhile.  Then I began getting cellphone bills for "Ana Vargas." (She was on Cingular at the time)  I've lived in my cave nearly 10 years, and there had never been an Ana Vargas in here–resident or guest–so I knew that had to be Kitten's real name.  When I was in the hospital, I looked at a picture of her, and realized her name was Ana-Sofia Vargas.  (I was on Percocet and Dilaudid at the time–I also realized my oatmeal was named Marishka)  Still, of all the cats I've met, she's by far the Ana-Sofia Vargas-est.

I still call her Kitten much of the time.  It's just a nicknomial term of affection now, and not a half-assed excuse for a real name.  You know, since she has a name (and a cell-phone, apparently)

.  She seems happy we cleared that up.

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13 Responses to “QotD: Pet Names”

  1. Hehe. I love that she has a middle name. My sister in law thinks it is weird that both my pets have middle names.

  2. ah, now i know why her name is what it is 😀 it fits her perfectly 😀

  3. We lived on the Oregon Coast for a while last year and ended up living with some of my coworkers who just got a kitten a few weeks before we moved in. He originally had some long name inolving Optimus Prime and a large number of anime characters. Or Jack for short. But no one ever call him that, he was "Kitten". Stella taught him how to trumpet while we lived there, she adopted him. When we moved, everyone had been evicted from the apartment. I knew Kitten had to go some where else because he wasn't being taken care of properly there. I ended up buying a flea killer thing because he was covered in them, and had given them to Stella. I couldn't stand the idea of the human society for him so I pawned him off on another, unrelated, friend. She then named him Squid. Not too sure where he is now, said she was able to give him to a neighbor, but then when I was talking to her she said that the neighbor hadn't been home lately and she was thinking about trying to get him back to find a better home for him.

  4. Stella Blue was wise to adopt such a big-hearted human as you. I hope Squid is happy and flea-free wherever he is.

  5. I'm glad I could enlighten you. You knew I couldn't make such a name up on my own. I mean, I never make anything up, right? ;-)I just wonder where she keeps that damn phone.

  6. There's nothing wrong with her having a middle name. I worry more about her having a cell phone. At least she hasn't started her own website, although some cats, like DG , are very good writers and photographers.

  7. LOL. Yeah the cell phone is a little worrisome. And DG is a very good writer.

  8. shes so cute.looks just like my old cat Lucy…. i named her after Lucille Ball. Cuz shes my hero!

  9. she's the best!And I'm happy to know the entire story now– I've been wondering, since you're used both names….Sweetie's deyermined to calll her Kitten, though. He's a purist.I posted for this too – no need to read — I called him Sneezer Augustus a lot of the time when he was tiny — he sneezed pretty much non-stop…

  10. and Sweetie has a middle name– "Spike"

  11. whoa. I have an unabashedly slutty cousin named Ana Vargas. Sweartagod.

  12. I originally had two Siamese that I rescued from a Craigslister – she had named them Ticah and Jade. Decent, somewhat exotic names fit for Siamese – I thought. But, because I am me – had to name them something else. They ended up as Peeka and Boo (cheesy, I know), but they both answered to it. Alas, poor Boo did a Houdini one night and has been gone ever since. So, now it's Peeka, the Hubby and I. Picked up the little guy just today. And, I forgot how much fun kittens are. Very hard to be in a bad mood with him pouncing and prancing about. When I first got Peeka and Boo – I was unfamiliar with the Siamese penchant for mischief and mayhem. I woke up to every cupboard in my kitchen opened (both lower and upper), blinds destroyed that I had been foolish enough to leave closed – dropped to the sill. Often, I'd walk into the kitchen – look in the refriggerator, stand up and feel a swat on the head. Looking up, who do I see? One of the "Terrible Two", saying HI. Eventually, Peeka and Boo ended up Dingus and Dorkus because of the various phases chaos I'd find my home in whenever I woke up or came home from out and about. My husband was in Basic Training at the time, and despite the surprises (rather, because of them) they filled my time with the laughter and mischief I needed. I've had a ridiculously fun afternoon/evening (in WA) playing with the kitten, he is definitely worth the measly $25 I paid for him. Now, to watch him and figure that name out.

  13. It's just like the Eliot poem says, the cat knows his real name.

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