Wednesday Dawgs

Just in case you need them.

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9 Responses to “Wednesday Dawgs”

  1. SQEEEEEEEE!Of course we needs dem! C'mere bubby bubby bubby……

  2. Not to sound like a weirdo….but look how "conflicted" the black and the yellow look. Someone has put them in a boat, and is making weird noises to get their attentions. However, no one is giving them a command they can understand….such as "sit" "stay" or "come on and jump in-a water" ! So….the conflicted ears. Moi? Over analyzing? Ok, I'll go analyze elsewhere! 😉

  3. Good dogs! (And this from a cat person.)

  4. You are welcome to analyze in my zone anytime, Lauri. I read it differently. I see the Yellow as being the brains of the muttfit, with Chocco and Blackie as the muscle. They seem to be giving a look of disdain, with Yella smirking everso smugly, like he knows they could kick the photogs ass and bury the body without getting caught. I should've posted this as an "Anthropomorphic Caption Contest," ie "What are these dawgs thinking?"

  5. Lol!Chocco is most def not the brains! 😉 And, Blackie looks a bit indecisive! So, Yellow it is!But, we really know they are all thinking…"Bacon!"

  6. So am I, cupcake. So am I.

  7. Oh, well, now that you mention… am. I!!! ;)But…I did have ma bacon urges calmed by having a hugmongous salad with crumbled bacon on it for lunch! *sa-lurp!!!*

  8. Great, now *I'm* thinking about cupcakes.

  9. Bacon cupcakes! w00t!

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