Pretty! *shudders*

Memorial Day, working at oh-dark-thirty.  It's not just a job, it's early…oh, yeah: and there are locusts on the security card reader.


(okay, not a locust, but any giant green bug is disconcerting before I have my first cup of coffee)

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14 Responses to “Pretty! *shudders*”

  1. Big bug. REALLY big bug. It looks like it might be a hopping one, too. RUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm working today, too. I love the Vox QOTDs today.
    "How are you celebrating Memorial Day?"
    It's a Monday, so I'm working.
    "What does Memorial Day mean to you?"
    It means no barbecue for Kelly. That's what it means.

  3. I'm with Robbbie — running away, very fast.

  4. Face it, Kel-kel, on the information superhighway, you and I work in the toll booths. 😉 The only good thing about having to be at work that early is that I am off now. Yay. I hope you get some barbecue. I'll be sleeping till Wednesday. (hugs) to you and (chin scratch) to Sam.

  5. lol I think this guy would do a combination hop-fly, where he zooms 40 yards in a second or two, never getting more than six feet off the ground. I wished him a good morning, and tried not to make him angry.

  6. Too bad Parsely isn't there. She'd eat if for you. So far today, she has eaten a moth, 2 ants, and a fly. She's currently chasing down her second fly.

  7. You know I love you, B, but that sounds like a really weird Memorial Day picnic spread you've put out. ;-)Does Parsely's partner in crime (Pepper?) share her taste for order Insecta? Interesting. Then again, I guess Pug rhymes with "bug," so anything's possible.

  8. My dogs are a bit askew in the 'normal' department. Parsley also eats poop, so it's not like she has anything that resembles a discerning palate. Pepper has no time for bugs. She'd rather beg for food from her peoples.

  9. Looks like a katydid! I like those guys. Well, not "like" as in "want them to fly into my face."

  10. I think you're right–it seems to be a katydid. Neither my eyes nor my camera were focusing sufficiently well to be definitive on the point, but I think you nailed it. Cool bug, but I'm with you: not flying into my face.

  11. oh, and the bug pictures! i need more warning… GAH! hehe.

  12. Believe it or not, Grace, even that early in the morning, when I saw that giant green bug, I thought immediately of you. I told the bug hello for you. The light wasn't good, but I think he just grinned in reply.

  13. i'm glad that disgusting critters remind you of me. 😛 hehehe…

  14. Not at 0545, she ain't.

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