It’s worse than I’d thought

Imagine my surprise when I cashed in some spare change this morning…

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7 Responses to “It’s worse than I’d thought”

  1. Oh dear. lol.

  2. I found 20 euros in a drawer the other day. A few more months of the dollar's decline and I should be able to buy a new car with it. 😉

  3. Hee hee, I thought the same thing but didn't want to rub it in…but now I will. It is a bad day for the U.S. dollar when the leftover Philippine pesos tucked in my passport are the healthiest part of my retirement portfolio. But it's true. Ten years ago they were worthless and I might have thrown them out! Not anymore. I think I'll buy a house. 😀

  4. Oh, carp, we are in a pickle.I just bought gas: $3.949/gal. And my car gets 13.7 mpg……..*sigh*

  5. Ugh. Too true!!! God is sending you personal messages. Maybe you should become Financial Wizard of the US.

  6. If God were sending me personal messages, I wish He'd include Wednesday night's winning Lotto numbers. o;-) $$

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