Shenanigyns (sic)

I declare SHENANIGYNS on my friend Jill's OB/GYN.  I drove Jill to an appointment Friday, and I was shocked by what I saw in the waiting room.  Ten very pregnant women waited in a reception area with a very loud, very splashy fountain, and one small bathroom.  Lines formed, daggers were stared, and there was much shifting uncomfortably in many chairs.  Thanks a lot for the reminder, Dr McWaterboard.  Like late-term pregnant women don't have to pee enough of their own volition.

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9 Responses to “Shenanigyns (sic)”

  1. LOL! Poor gals! Been there done that. What're they THINKING having that fountain running? DUH! :-O

  2. O.M.G. Bahahahaha!Dr. McWaterboard!!!! Snerk!!!Haha, another thing I am grateful for….NOT being pregnant!!!

  3. oooh. that would've pissed me right the hell off!!!!

  4. I can beat that.At my due-any-time-now midwife appointment, at a big teaching hospital, with a big waiting room, full of at least a dozen other big very pregnant ladies.On the ninth floor.They had a fire drill.They made us all go.

  5. That's just evil! Nothing funny about it at all, at least while it was happening.

  6. You know, even at the time we were cracking up.It was just too pitiful.

  7. Heard of piss poor planning, but one bathroom? LOL

  8. That is seriously sadistic… unintentional or not.

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