I should admit that I'm not especially fond of little kids.  They're loud, unpredictable, fast, and very low to the ground, which compromises my balance and hanging-by-a-thread sanity. 

So Doll Baby and I went out tonight to our favorite steakhouse.  As luck would have it, there were kids everywhere.  A family sat down next to us with an infant and a little boy of about a year old.  I was scared.  There was another family with two little boys–maybe seven and nine.  Then another family sat down next to us, and it turns out two of them had been in Doll Baby's class.  (note: DB is an elementary school teacher, not a student.) 

Amazingly, all of the kids in the joint were pretty well behaved.  The two brothers and their family were done eating, and they were a little bored.  The parents had cocktails to finish, so they gave each of the boys a dollar to donate to the Claw machine.  Lo and behold, one of them won a Superman doll. 

They returned to their table, triumphant.  Their parents complimented them, and everybody was all smiley.  I couldn't hear what they were saying, but the two boys got up before too long, and walked over to the kid in the high chair.  They talked to the kid's dad, and then gave the doll to the little guy.

Again, I couldn't hear what they were saying during this little exchange.  Doll Baby was chatting with her former students, and I was definitely busy chewing.  But I'm a good judge of body language, and these two young boys–in their cute little private school uniforms–weren't giving Superman away because their parents made them.  It looked like their idea. 

The kid in the high chair was ecstatic with his new Superman doll; the two brothers were happy; the parents were all happy, and Doll Baby's alumni were happy. 

Maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised.  Maybe I'm overly cynical because I've run into so many little demon-kids in my travels.  I'd say this little scene restored my faith in humanity, but that would imply that I had some once and lost it. 

Today was gorgeous here in Gomorrah–lots of sunshine and warm.  Doll Baby and I had a lovely dinner–one of those sick, happy, holding hands sorts of things.  It was a great night.  Amazing what a nice steak can do, when mixed with a pretty woman and two kids giving away a stuffed Superman to a little kid they didn't even know.  

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15 Responses to “Superkids”

  1. "They're loud, unpredictable, fast, and very low to the ground.." And I work with one who loves to bite, pinch and scratch his friends. He will maul the other kids. The parents like to blame it on his teacher, which in turn had her transfered to a different position. The kid still does it with his new teacher. Parents don't want to admit that their son has a problem.
    Therefore, I love the well behaved ones. I'm pretty content with anything over 4. Although I do work with a few good 3 year olds.

  2. I'm having over a year-old niece who is a complete DOLL. Awwwww. ^_^

  3. awww. that sounds like a pretty good night out! feel the same way about kids in restaurants.
    i once sat next to a set of parents who had a little girl hugging her bright orange Nemo soft toy while eating her dinner. She asked "mummy, what's this?" Her mom said "that's dory fish". I choked when I heard that and I expected the little girl to burst out into tears in a few seconds. The little girl said "awwww, poor dory" while continuing to eat her dinner with soft toy nemo in her arms.

  4. sounds like you had an experience with an elusive and once-thought-extinct breed of human. i might be a little jealous of said experience.
    but i do love my 2yo niece. she's fairly well-behaved.

  5. Yes, it was a strangely reassuring little journey. Being a cynical bastard, I was half-convinced there was a field trip visiting from The Village of the Damned. With my luck, I'm surprised the kid in the high chair didn't throw the Superman doll, only to have the prep school boys' eyes glow. Then again, it was a really good steak, so they could've started killing each other, as long as the waitress kept my iced tea glass full.

  6. That's so sweet. "Poor Dory." They can be quite charming and heartwarming. I suppose that's why parents don't send them off to Azkaban for being little heathens.

  7. If she's anything like her Aunt Su, I'm sure she is indeed a doll. πŸ˜‰

  8. I work with some appalling folks, but at least we don't hire 3 year olds. πŸ˜‰ The sad thing is that a little bit of cuteness and nice behavior can make up for the 85% of sheer chaotic horror.

  9. Wait, what? Parents raising their kids right? Wha-huh?

  10. what it is, is you probably ran into a lot of demon kids who had bad parents. My parents raised us right, we wouldnt be all crazy and loud and annoying in public, just at home. Shoulda stole the superman doll, id add it to my small growing collection of superhero stuff πŸ˜‰

  11. KIDS! Yicccccccccccch. I think I'm allergic to them.But that's a great story – and I'm glad you had a good night out with Doll Baby!!

  12. Let me get this straight. "My parents raised me right." "You should've stolen the doll from the little kid?" Is that pretty much what you're saying? lol;-)

  13. that's awesome… i don't really see much of that going on… kids all seem to be obnoxious these days. yes, mine included. hehe. :Pi'm glad you had a nice time with doll baby. πŸ™‚

  14. ah, hope for humanity

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