Caption contest directions: 1) Leave your best caption for this pic 2) Hilarity ensues

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18 Responses to “Caption contest directions: 1) Leave your best caption for this pic 2) Hilarity ensues”

  1. "Jeez, lady. Just take a five minute break, willya?"

  2. 'Oh yeah baby, Im just lying down on the bed..''What am I wearing? Oh, mmmm, just silk blue panties..''I am so hot for you right now!'

  3. All I have are three words: flexible and e. coli.I am both impressed and disgusted.

  4. Taking mobile office to the next level.

  5. Now that's multi-tasking!

  6. There's one way to clean out your inbox….

  7. "i just need to … *grunt* … get this email out … *squeeze* … before the boss leaves."
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! relief!

  8. E-mail to co-worker: Can you spare a square??

  9. What the hot chick on is REALLY doing when she's sending you those sexy emails.

  10. Liveblogging a pregnancy test?

  11. "OK, let's see. Google…how to take a crap…here it is. Step one: sit on toilet. Got it. Step two: bear down. URRGH…"

  12. "Dear Diary, my boyfriend has now been keeping me in this bathroom for two years…"Too obscure?

  13. jeezus! her boss really needs to give her a raise!

  14. I want to know where the other stalls are…You can now combine telecommuting, exercise, and the call of nature – it's called e-poolates.

  15. Mom – just droppng teh kids off @ teh pool wht r u doin?

  16. LOL! this one made me laugh out loud for real.

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