Vox Hunt: In Honor of Cinco de Mayo…

Show us something you love about Mexico.

¿Como se dice "purrrrrrrrrrrr"?

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19 Responses to “Vox Hunt: In Honor of Cinco de Mayo…”

  1. I was about to post a pic of Gael Garcia Bernal. 😉
    Salma is drop-dead gorgeous. I'm just pissed that she chose to get fake boobs. As if that face wasn't enough!

  2. Lazygirls?Too lazy to put on some clothes??? Kidding, kidding! She is lovely…but…ditto what Suga said about the fake boobies! 😀

  3. I'm right there with you. Her original equipment boobings were just fine. I think Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson are both adorable, and neither one of them even owns a bra, much less fills one up.

  4. I've only been with one woman who had implants, when the implants weren't obvious and way too big. All boobies are wonderful even (especially?) if they're compact and unobtrusive. Plus, with implants, I always got that "drinking out of the garden hose" taste.

  5. Drinking out of the garden hose? Ewwwww! Sorry you had to go through that. 😦

  6. Yeah, it was grueling. 😉 If it makes the boobie-wearer happy, I suppose that's all that matters.

  7. That's very sweet of you, you martyr. 😛

  8. *Boggle*Are you serious??? There's a "drinking out of the garden hose taste"??? Wowwee, wowwee, wow. That's super creepy. Like our bodies don't have enough icky chemicals in them already!!!You were kidding, right? Right?!?LOL…this whole thread is so very amoosing!!!

  9. I'm a humanitarian first and foremost. Still, if a girl goes from a AA to a D, she likely has enough of a low self-image that she'd date me. ;-0

  10. *Bonks you on the head*

  11. she likely has enough of a low self-image that she'd date me
    Oy. I hope you were kidding, or you have a major ass-whoopin' lined up – and I mean the scolding!

  12. OW! Okay, I was kidding–they don't taste like drinking out of the garden hose. It was a joke…you know, they're sort of plasticky, and…Oh, hell widdit. *bonks self on head*

  13. Yes, I was kidding. Good Lord, you're ready to whoop my ass, and Lauri's bonking me on the head–I should go back to bed till time for work.

  14. she is soooooooo beautiful… my favorite mexican thing is steve 😀 hehe. although, he's only half… hehe.

  15. LOL! Ok…..you sounded so….serious. As serious as a person typing on teh intranets can "sound". !!! I was trying to get my brain around the "garden hose taste". *snort*I am sure that having humongous tatas is a very good self esteem lifter (among other things)…so, whatever these girls wanna do is fine. I am just fortunate to be perfectly happy with my own!

  16. Yah, 'cause I'm usally all about serious. 😉
    This one coworker w/extra benefits I used to work on, er, "with" used to say she was going to fill one of her implants with coffee, the other with Jim Beam. "That would keep you coming back."
    Hellz yeah, it would! She was a nut, but I loved her all the same.

  17. Lol! Sounds like a fun girl!But, I guess ya gotta be nuts to have boobs filled with Jim Beam and coffee. :0

  18. She was a lovely B after the surgery. I told her if I were just going to use her for beverage transport, she'd need more capacity, but that I thought she was perfect the way she was.

  19. Some times you feel like a nut…

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