The Tom Zone Question of the Day

What's the most bizarre drink you've ever made for yourself?

Many years ago, during my bad decade, I was on Adkins, where carbs were

verboten.  Vodka was carb free, so I mixed vodka with a Crystal Light Slurpee from the 7-Eleven.  I got the uber-mega 64 oz bucket of pineapple-orange Crystal Light slush, and kept dumping more Smirnoff Citrus Twist into it, and stirring with the spoon-straw until both were gone.  It was icy cold and refreshing, but it made me write this long unifying treatise on world religions.  I think boogers ended up in the treatise, too.  The combination of vodka, carbless fake orange ice crystals, and the unique pas de deux of brain anesthesia and brain freeze certainly livened up a hot August night here in Gomorrah. 

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19 Responses to “The Tom Zone Question of the Day”

  1. ROTFLMHO!!!!!!!!! boogers……. *giggles*This question cracks me up – may I answer, too?Rum and clam juice. Yes. Not my choice — on the beach, had a cooler, too drunk to read labels. The dipwad I was with liked mean practical jokes and thought it would be funny to hand me the clam juice can he brought along, just for this purpose.. It was chilled, so I thought it was the pineapple soda we'd BEEN mixing. Took a big beach-and-blazing-sun-sun-swig and nearly had a heart attack. Gah. I recall pouring the mess into shoes.

  2. Urgh! 🙂
    I knew a guy who favored vodka + Gatorade. Not a bad idea, since electrolytes would probably be helpful after all that diuretic alcohol. But I don't know about the taste…

  3. in answer to the tzqotd:I few NYE's ago I had an Irish car bomb. my understanding is that this is a real drink and not something we just made up. more's the pity.take a pint glassfill to-the-almost-brim with Guiness stoutdrop a shot glass of Jamieson's Irish whiskey (glass included) into the pint glassadd heavy creamdrink down the whole thing before it curdles……I don't remember the rest of the evening. lucky I was at home, eh?

  4. btw, is there a chance we'll get to read this long unifying treatise on world religions at some point?[hopes for "yes"]

  5. That's so funny! A kid on my hall Freshman year drank Everclear and Gatorade. I was surprised he could still control his bowels and see. It was pretty vile.

  6. That's just horrible. If you play a prank with somebody's beverage, you deserve to have clam juice poured in your shoes. Or to be puked on.
    Some people make bloody mary's with clam juice–clamato, specifically. I hate tomato juice, so I won't go anywhere near a bloody mary. Blech. Ketel One, rocks, olives–that was my fave vodka drink.
    Boogersboogersboogersboogersboogers! 😉

  7. I like Guiness, Jameson's, and cream. I also like ham, peanut butter, and barbecue sauce. The thought of combining either set of ingredients into one ubersubstance, then introducing it into my system? *shudders, throws up a little in own mouth*
    Roger that re: drinking Irish Car Bombs at home and not, say, at a tavern 30 miles away.

  8. how can vodka be carb-free?it is made from potatoes, non?

  9. I liked vodka and V8 juice — but mainly I drank rum or vodka anything sweet that I could get my little paws on. Yoohoo and vodka, iced tea and rum, rum and root beer. But rum, up, would do. Mount Gay – nice. Boogers — lol — I just sent you a post about that!!!!!!

  10. Actually, most vodka is made from grain. Because it's distilled, all the carbs/sugars, etc, are converted to alcohol. Typically, vodka starts out about 180 proof, almost pure alcohol. It's then mixed with water to be less deadly. The carbs come from the mixers. For further research, click away.

  11. I don't have a copy anymore. I'll have to rewrite it, if I can remember it all sober. 😉

  12. yeah, good point. but since alcohol is 7 calories/gram, still not too much of a diet deal.

  13. Roger that–empty, nutrient-free calories. That's just how my thinking was back then.

  14. yep. you had a lot of company. carbs were the enemy, calories didnt' matter.good old days.

  15. I once put vodka in a Coffee Moolatta from DQ, she says, as if it wasn't about a month ago. Heh.Oh! And in college, we ran out of Coke and drank Jack Daniels and Mt. Dew. If you can get past the horrible color, it's not too bad.

  16. The vodka/Moolatta actually sounds pretty tasty, in a White Russian sort of way. Tasty, and caffeinated for maximum nutrition and stamina.
    The JD & Mountain Dew sounds a little yuckier. One of the first times I got drunk was on Bourbon and orange soda. Blech.

  17. heh. one of the first things I ever got drunk on was Cointreau liqueur. by itself. most horrendous hangover this day I can't stand to look at the stuff.

  18. lol! that's awesome…i usually don't make my own drinks cuz i'm the world's worst bartender. i HAVE had gatorade and vodka before. not so tasty, but it'll do in a pinch.mmm, vodka. it's my drink. i never get hangovers when i drink vodka. well, GOOD vodka. at least ketel one quality. no popov for me. hehe. oh, wait. but i don't drink martinis. cuz i'm weak sauce. hehe.

  19. Mmmmmmmmm. Ketel One, rocks, olives. That's the vodka drink God drinks after a busy day. My brother's into Grey Goose, but I always went with Ketel One, when it was available (and on sale).

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