Michelangelo would plotz

David, after a two year sabbatical in the USA.

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18 Responses to “Michelangelo would plotz”

  1. OMG, that's funny!

  2. Ouch! Dammit. LOL.

  3. i swear, that looks just like someone i used to know…

  4. I think it was the country fried steak that got him.

  5. Ouch? Careful! ;-)Sad thing is, you just know he'd wear a Speedo on the beach.

  6. It's like the Kirstie Allie "before" pics, just with curly hair and a smaller penis.

  7. AAAAAAAAH hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!awesome.

  8. Oh, it's no secret. I moved to the land of chicken-fried everything two years ago. I'm living proof of this post. Waugh!

  9. he would have gotten a penis enlargement too, don't you think?

  10. I think his boobies are bigger than mine.

  11. You'd think, right? I guess he was too busy at the all-you-can-eat buffets.

  12. The Florida State Fair is a sort of MIT labs of fried food innovation. The clincher for me was deep fried Pepsi. Yes, Pepsi. Somehow, they took Pepsi syrup, got batter around it, and fried the crap out of it. The Twinkie? Fine. The fried Snickers bar? Excellent. But fried Pepsi has to be the worst. Then again, I wouldn't put anything past them.

  13. Here's what he was eating.

  14. I'm sure yours are firmer, and that you look better naked. He's just so bloody pale.

  15. You are a mad genius, hon. David definitely looks like he can has cheezeburger–lots of them! Brilliant.

  16. Thanks … I confess I have a bit of OCD, though, so I edited it a bit. 😉

  17. LMAO!! That is incredibly funny!! Fried pepsi? Interesting concept. They must freeze the syrup as much as they can first and then batter it?

  18. yowee! He's got subdermal donuttage!!!

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