17 Down: Animal Tom should be paying more attention to

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14 Responses to “17 Down: Animal Tom should be paying more attention to”

  1. Aw. Kitteh confiscates pen to enforce proper kitteh-attention-paying protocol. You're lucky. A bunneh would eat the pen and destroy the newspaper and then tell you: "You were doing the crossword all wrong anyway."

  2. She's so pretty!

  3. And despite her obvious hint, you then went and Voxed and delayed her attention even further! Oh, Tom.

  4. LOL. silly kitty. :Dgosh, mia would GO NUTS for her.

  5. I'm sure Ana-Sofia would love Mia, too. As long as Mia didn't ignore her by trying to do the Sunday crossword puzzle. Eep.

  6. *hangs head in shame*Eventually, she fell asleep with her head on the Jumble, so I was able to finish the crossword without further inconveniencing her.

  7. She agrees with you, Jen. ;-)As I've said: you just say the word, and I'll Fed-Ex her to you.

  8. I've been to your Vox, and I've seen pictures of actual bunneh mayhem. I lack the fortitude and courage to handle a bunneh, especially a mean one, so I'll stick with her royal fuzzy highness.

  9. Awww, who's a pwetty puddytat?

  10. *giggles* Sweetie told me that she could read, and he thought she could write. Wow. She's a Renaissance Kat. And GORGEOUS too.Watch out for her, Tom. Maybe she can also mix noxious brews, and maybe her middle name is Borgia??…..I'd give her a BIG HUG, if I were you. Or Sweetie will do that, if I let him borrow my charge card, so he can hop on a plane and come there. Do you think that the TSA people would wand him?*waves to Ana-Sofia (Borgia?) Tom*

  11. oh, lawd. mia would prolly give her TOO much attention. hehehe. you should see her stalk my MIL's cat.

  12. Maybe she needs a nice giant bug to play with. Heh heh heh. I won't send you another link…today. 😉

  13. Nah, she's been pretty good about not trying to kill me so far. And she's not a Borgia–she's Puerto Rican (Ana-Sofia Vargas is her full name). As far as Sweetie coming to visit her…just ask him to give plenty of notice so I can make up the guest litter box for him. I don't know whether they'd wand him at the airport, but I do know it's a bitch to hitchhike here from TIA. I'll be happy to pick him up. (Just make sure he charges a round-trip ticket on your card, because I damn sure can't afford to send him back (I know Sweetie only travels first class))

  14. she is very pretty so i wuld alwayz be payee attenshuns to heri left a tag on here tooluv dg

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