It looks so easy

This is probably my all-time favorite Pete Townshend solo performance.  He recorded this version of "Drowned" at the Secret Policeman's Ball benefit for Amnesty International.  In many ways, this performance laid the foundation for the whole "Unplugged" phenomenon that would follow.  One man with one big Gibson acoustic guitar on one night when everything clicked.  Hope you like it. 

Pete Townshend, "Drowned" (solo acoustic version)

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5 Responses to “It looks so easy”

  1. Oh, man, this is terrific.Unplugged really gets down to the nitty gritty of talent, doesn't it? *toddles off to itunes to purchase this song*

  2. Pete is genius. Sometimes I forget that…thanks for reminding me. He really beat the hell out of that Gibson that night. The man can play……..

  3. i could do that. :Pi love (most of the) unplugged series. you totally get to see the raw talent.

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