Vox Hunt: The Plan

Show us your daily planner.
Submitted by sarah louise.

Keeping me organized since 3rd grade.

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12 Responses to “Vox Hunt: The Plan”

  1. Is that a Y chromosome thing? My kid does that. and a handful of other XYs I know as well….

  2. I don't know if it's an XY thing, or perhaps it's just a function of being organizationally challenged. Or not wanting to carry around a day planner.

  3. I have one of those. It's great for doodling during meetings…

  4. Yeah. My hands are pretty big, but they're annoyingly bereft of doodling space.

  5. You could draw robot parts where your joints are supposed to be. (That's what my kid used to do. He came home everyday one week, looking like C3PO.)Just a tip for next time you get bored, I guess.

  6. I used to draw chicken footprints on my fingertip, then stamp them in my notebook, so it looked like a blue-footed bird had walked across. (Did I mention I attended a gifted school? roflmao)C3PO was pretty cool, in a dorky kind of way. I'm sure your kid is cooler, although certainly not as good with foreign languages.

  7. Omg…I love the chicken footprint idea! LOL at your "dayplanner". I don't think it's a Y thing, cuz one of my friends at work does this continually! Wait….TWO of them…I just remembered and they are both XXs! 🙂 I have to admit that my two boys (once they reached middle school) would hold each other down and draw penises on each other with permanant marker. That's the extent of my boys' organizational abilities! 😛

  8. the only problem with this daily planner is that everyone sees your biz-niz and then you have to start writing in code. if you're like me, your code is so stealth that even you forget what it means. lol.

  9. Maggie, writing in code you forget? Oh, yeah: I've done that before. MANY times. Or I'll write something while driving, and I won't be able to read my own writing. The worst thing, actually, seems to be that people invariably see my hand, and assume I've been out clubbing. 😉

  10. The worst thing, actually, seems to be that people invariably see my hand, and assume I've been out clubbing. lolz – story of my life when i was living in australia. all i did was party and i had to scrub my hands every morning before work, so i wouldn't get sermons from one of my co-workers. after awhile – i invested in gloves. just kidding 🙂

  11. HA! I put a similar pic up in answer to this question. Here's to the terminally ink poisoned! (That's what my mom always told me. That I would get ink poisoning from writting on my hands. I think she was jst trying to get to keep my hands clean!)

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