Vox Hunt: The Key Thing

Show us a key.

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10 Responses to “Vox Hunt: The Key Thing”

  1. GAWD. mosquitoes. they are my nemeses.

  2. You are my favorite geek/not-geek.

  3. Hey, I spent three summers of my life using these things, so it's what I think of when I hear the word "key." OK, not really. I like "geek/not-geek." It makes me sound so Mulder.

  4. Mulder is hot lol.

  5. OKKKKKkkk you really dug that one up, but certainly informative 😉

  6. Yeah. I spent three summers working for a Mosquito Control agency, and I had to use these every day. Makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it.

  7. It's amazing the stuff we end up learning/knowing as time goes by. I bet when you were a kid, you had no idea you'd know that much about mosquitoes by this point in your life. 🙂

  8. I still freak people out at cookouts. Every time they swat a mosquito, I have to ID it. Nothing says "I'm a geek" like looking at a bug carcass and saying, "OH! A Psorophora ferox! That'll itch."
    They're pretty when you see them through a binocular microscope.
    Yep. Tom=geek

  9. ha! you're a nerd too. this is almost as sad as my epiphany 🙂

  10. *sigh* Yeah. Even though I can't find my membership card, I am definitely a science nerd. I used to work in "a lab" and "the field." At least your branch of nerdery is cool–you'll be able to work on people's puppies and kittens. All I can do is tell them they have Aedes aegypti breeding in their birdbaths.

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