QotD: Lost & Found

What have you lost that you wish you still had?
Submitted by gunderson bee.

Golf.  When I was in high school and college, I worked at golf courses.  My job was to take the golf carts after the players returned them.  I'd clean out the garbage, hose out the floors, add a fresh scorecard, park the things, and plug 'em in.  I was also responsible for picking up all the balls on the driving range.  Basically, I worked outside, got very strong, and I got to play as much free golf as I wanted on one of the nicest courses around.  I got pretty good at golf, made mad cash in tips, and I wasn't working in fast food construction and retailing. 

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5 Responses to “QotD: Lost & Found”

  1. I am trying really hard to get my kid interested in golf these days. The high school is 2 blocks from the golf course. They had a killer golf team, and considering his heart disease and impossibility of being part of the team when it comes to his first love, football (he was great at football, and I miss his love for it, as much as he misses being a part of it), golf is the only thing I think he can be a part of. Every male in my family plays golf. EVen my father who is mostly disabled. They can all teach him, as well as lessons this summer.ya know… it'd be so much easiwer if kids/teens saw their lives thru their famliy's eyes. 😉 Kids are not the only ones suffering thru the anguish of a young soul trying to find themnselves. ;)(my only good hand is tired now…..)

  2. What an absolutely WONderful job! And, you didn't have to deal with the snarky "public". Wow! That's a job I could have really enjoyed!

  3. maybe mia will want to work on a golf course. hehe. that sounds awesome… although, she may not think so when she's older, though. :Pi should mention that to my bro. that boy needs a job. he's so lame. hehe.

  4. You were cartboy at "The Claw"? Or at the municipal course at McDill? Kidding.
    Golf blows. I played during my formative years and got decent but once you hit that plateau and can't improve without lessons….well, you just end up pissed off at the end of every round. Haven't touched the sticks in ten years. Don't miss it, either.

  5. TPC Prestancia in Sarasota, actually. I haven't played in over 10 years either. Yesterday was one of those perfect golf days, though, and I couldn't help but miss it. I don't even know where my clubs are, so it will remain a pleasant memory. OH, I hated lessons. "Stop trying to kill the ball." "WHAT?? What's the damn point then?" Swing hard, and leave a big divot.

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