When pets have pets

When I was on my little, um, vacation around New Year's, Ana-Sofia stayed with my parents.  My parents are wonderful folks who have a wonderful house, but they're dog people.  Ana-Sofia is many things–an obedient fetch-playing addict who keeps her opinions to herself is definitely NOT among them.  So poor little Kitten was left with nobody to talk to, until she met Piggy.   I don't know Piggy's real name.  Apparently, it's something like "Mraah," as best I can gather.  All I know is that when I came home from the hospital, Piggy was here, and Ana-Sofia suddenly had a pet of her own. 

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17 Responses to “When pets have pets”

  1. Mayne that's why I like cats. I used to play with a lot of inanimate objects too. I get the appeal.

  2. Awww, kawaii! ("Cute" in Japanese—which is used for just about everything, kittens, pigs, little rubber monsters, freaky cartoon characters.)But it's nice Ana-Sofia found a friend while you were occupied. Eliza doesn't like anyone 'cept me, which is flattering for me but awfully lonely for her. I wish she could have a piggy for a pet.

  3. Maybe Eliza just needs a cement baby pig to adopt. Ana-Sofia rubs all over this thing, curls up next to it, even leaves some of her toys at its feet so it can play while she's off conducting urgent cat business. It's cute, but sort of eerie, too, to see how effectively I was replaced by a pig statue. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson.

  4. Roger that, Ghostrider. I think the pig is just always available to pay attention to her, and it never squirts her with a water bottle (like my dad did when Ana-Sofia scratched the couch). I'm fine with it, because cement pigs, it turns out, are really easy to care for and feed. Doll-Baby liked the pig, but it's proven a little awkward to explain to some guests.

  5. So Ana-Sofia doesn't sleep with you anymore? The piggy gets all the cuddle-love?

  6. 😉 She sleeps enough that Piggy and I both get some fuzz therapy.

  7. awww, so cute. 🙂

  8. Perhaps Mia would like a little cement piggy to cuddle with. 😉

  9. LOL. she probably would, too. and then she would line it up with all her stuffed animals and proclaim them all to be "friends."(she does that a lot. line up different figures and toys and call them all friends. hehe.)

  10. Smart girl, that Mia. It's always good these days to keep your friends where you can watch them.

  11. cuz you never know when they're gonna stab you in the back…heh.

  12. Especially Muppets.

  13. you can never trust them.never muppets.

  14. Awww, the cuteness! OK — you may need to watch this. 🙂

  15. ha ha — dog people having a tortie inflicted on them.it doesn't get any better than that.

  16. Good Lord, IG, that was even sweeter than my celebratory donut. My teeth hurt! lol

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