Those global warming blues get us all down

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8 Responses to “Those global warming blues get us all down”

  1. Ah, the impending doom of spring approacheth!. Alas, poor Francois didn't want to die a slow melting death, and chose a quicker way. Since there was no hemlock to be found, he wove a rope of misery and leapt out into the warm breeze…

  2. that picture is so funny and sad….I started to hiccup when I saw it: a sure sign of ambivalent appreciation!

  3. That's hilarious, in a sad way. I guess the back pills are working, no? 😉

  4. Even Frosty's given up on us!!!!
    Your pics are always fun!!!! (though it IS very sad when seriously thought of)

  5. Welcome to my world. lol I just thought of those Calvin and Hobbes cartoons where Calvin made decapitated, etc, snowmen. Next time we get a good blizzard here in west central Florida, I'll be out there making my own.

  6. that's awesome! love that pic! hehe.

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