Things on Tuesday


  • Rush hour traffic
  • Hospitals
  • Cleaning my cave
  • The job interviewing process
  • Traffic was so horrid today, I double-loathe it


  • Driving over the bay after a thunderstorm
  • Walking out of a hospital, after visiting a friend
  • Knowing that my friend came through her surgery wonderfully
  • Coming home to find my cave clean
  • That onion ring goo at Burger King
  • Iced tea on a hot spring day

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6 Responses to “Things on Tuesday”

  1. Hey, I'm enjoying iced tea this very moment. Ahhhh, refreshing!And the day today, though not particularly hot here in Seattle, was definitely spring! 🙂

  2. okay. onion ring goo does not sound like something you should love. please explain to me what you're talking about. hehe.glad your friend got through surgery. :)i don't miss sitting in traffic at ALL.

  3. Burger King has this weird, chipotle-based onion ring dipping sauce that's so tasty, it makes you forget their onion rings aren't very good. It's semi-evil, though, in its tastiness. Ergo, it's a goo, not a true sauce, just because I said so. 😉

  4. hrm… i love me some fried food. maybe i should make steve take me to BK for our next date night. hehe.

  5. It seems like whenever I hear people from your area talk, they're always gushing about In & Out Burger. I wish we had one here, just so I could try it. They sound yummy.

  6. i like in & out. but i'm not crazy obsessed with it like most people here are. maybe i'm weird.they do make tasty food. i like their milkshakes, too.

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