The perfect place for lunch today

What more could you need?

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7 Responses to “The perfect place for lunch today”

  1. lol — there certainly is a relationship there, size-to-size.I've never done that wireless internet thing, anywhere…it's cool. Are you there?

  2. If only! A friend just e-mailed me the sign, and I thought it'd be the perfect place to go for lunch. Giant ass-sized nachos, plus wireless access? The Power Book would be covered in refried beans and melted queso in no time. 😉

  3. LMHO — what a visual!!!!

  4. i love giant ass sized nachos.mmmmm

  5. I'll meet you there in an hour. Bring your laptop and your ass-sized appetite. 😉

  6. hehe:) okay see you soon 🙂

  7. ass sized nachos sound awesome!!!

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