Do Not Adjust Your Set

When this is on the TV, my mute button never seems to work. 

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7 Responses to “Do Not Adjust Your Set”

  1. it's ASTV! with your host, Ana-Sofia!!/wild clapping, hooting

  2. So cute! My cat sits on top of the tv too, I wonder if it's because it is warm?

  3. hehe. your kitty is funny. hehe…i think i'm gonna end up having to get mia a cat when she's older. she is seriously obsessed with them.

  4. Mia needs a pet. Hmm…a kitty? Or a homicidal 75 lb flying spotted eagle stingray? I'm thinking kitty. 😉

  5. i dunno. choice B seems pretty reasonable…. hehe.we already have a bunny! we don't need a kitty! ;P

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