Yay. For real.

Three months ago tonight, when I looked back over my shoulder, this is what I saw. 

I was in the ICU ward at St. Anthony's, having just had my second surgery in three days.  I was loopy from the infection's poison running roughshod through my system–not to mention the pain meds bobbing along on little pool floats–and I hurt.

But I was alive, and the doctor told me I'd probably get better eventually.   I remember asking him how long it would take me to heal.  He said probably three months or so, if I were lucky.  I thought he was full of shit, inasmuch as I could still consider a man who'd just saved my life to be full of shit.

Today marked three months since that second surgery.  Today, my doctor told me, "Congratulations, young man.  You have healed." Thank God.  And thanks Doc.

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10 Responses to “Yay. For real.”

  1. Wee HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That's awesomely, incredibly, and any other adverb I can come up with, fantastically wonderful news. I get the impression it is something that has changed you, healed or not. 🙂

  2. Fantastic! Seriously, has this experience changed how you look at things? Like "don't sweat the small stuff", etc.?

  3. *stands and screams excitedly*I'm so glad you're better. Stay that way, 'kay?

  4. This story means so much more to me. I'm SO VERY happy for you Tom!!!!! You're now DONE with this mess!
    I like to hear these stories of hope. Thanks for sharing it with all of us:-)

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Really? Officially? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!*stomps feet and applauds*

  7. I didn't really know you back then, so I did a bit of research. (Okay, I crawled through your Vox basement. Whatever.) Wow. That's some major yikes, dude. Congrats on the heal-up, and glad you got that taken care of in time. Here's to a doubly-merry next Christmas to make up for that last one.

  8. On the plus side, at least the ICU had free wireless interweb access. ;-)Thanks, Jay.

  9. Thanks Doc! + Congrats on being good!!!! the world is definitely better with a Tom around!!!

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