The real reason for pervasive droughts: cats

I won't let Ana-Sofia see this.  She already takes long showers and leaves the water on while she brushes her teeth.

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5 Responses to “The real reason for pervasive droughts: cats”

  1. hahahahah!!!!!!!!!And all along I thought they were all "green." Amazing!Sweetie eschews water.

  2. This is SO funny!!!My daughter came home to find her camera in the middle of the floor. I suppose we should check it to see what kinds of pictures her cat, Murray, was taking. Wait a minute….let's not go there…….

  3. omg. that is SO funny… you'd think that after a couple of times, it would get old or something… silly gato. hehe.

  4. I'm thinking Sr Gato has had a little marijuana que fumar.

  5. si!(is it also known as catnip, by any chance? heh)

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