haPpy EAsteR

tOmm iz sleAPin btu i wwwwwwwant tu   WIsH u hapee EasteR.  luv from ana-soFiA

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9 Responses to “haPpy EAsteR”

  1. hai ana-soFiA, i hopez you hav a bery happee ester to. tel yur hooman to get yu teh gud cat fudz dis week. i buy fr yu.lvoe, m

  2. LOL! Well Happy Easter to you too Ana-Sofia and Tom!!!!!

  3. Wow Ana-Sofia! You are very talented! Sweetie is already taking his first morning nap, after a long night of yowling and howling and zoooooming around the living room (I'm sure you understand), so as soon as he wakes up I'll show him your greeting. I know he'll think it's purrrrrrrfect!!!*smoochies* to you and Tom!!

  4. Hey, Ana. Happy Easter to you, too! Give Tom a scratch for me. 🙂

  5. Yay! Another cat joins the 'hood! Happy Easter.

  6. That's so sweet. Don't eat too many peeps, Ana-Sofia. Happy Easter to you both.

  7. cute :Dhappy easter to you and your human. hehe.

  8. Heeeee!!!! Time to wake Tom up, Ana-Sofia! Easters is overz!!!!Thanks for the sweet greeting and a peek at your pittypaw! 😉

  9. heehee very cute, ana-sofia

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