Superstar :: Superman’s Song Calliope No. 8

Crash Test Dummies–"Superman’s Song"

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4 Responses to “Superstar :: Superman’s Song Calliope No. 8”

  1. heh. JCSS lasted longer than the 2 minutes I gave it. but not by much.

  2. I still wish we'd stayed on your suggested "killing" spree the other day. That could've been fun. Morbid, of course, but fun. I hadn't heard Crash Test Dummies in years. That guy's voice is just ridiculously deep. In retrospect, though, maybe we should've left JCSS up till Good Friday.(yikes. There's another decade in purgatory)

  3. after I posted JCSS I got to wonder how many people would be offended. CTDs guy's voice is reallyreally deep. indeed.don't worry, save your killing-spree songs; one thing I've learned is that teh Calliope does go round'n'round'round.

  4. I would have posted the mp3 of this song if I had been paying attention yesterday 🙂

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