If you need a Friday grin…

This stupid cartoon inexplicably made me squirt iced coffee out of my nose.  It's silly, and I'm a geek, but still…

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4 Responses to “If you need a Friday grin…”

  1. thanks. i totally snorted. hehe.

  2. Grace, it's a good thing you and I are on opposite sides of the continent, because I don't think the universe could handle two sickos like me and thee in the same time zone. 😉 I hope you, Mia and Steve have a great Easter, and that you don't have to Hulk-smash any rude grandmothers, at least till Holy Week ends.

  3. it's true. the universe would implode or something.maybe explode… explosions are cooler…thanks 🙂 you have a great holiday, also. 🙂 if i have to punch any grandmas, you'll be the first to know. 😛

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