Vox Hunt: The Luck of the Irish

Show us something green!

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9 Responses to “Vox Hunt: The Luck of the Irish”

  1. Y'already know my something green! Happy St. P's day

  2. Eye'll have to think about it. 😉

  3. Really beautiful! Thank you for sharing! (I love greeeeeeeeeeen… and St. Pat's is just my day)

  4. That's one sad thing about living as far south as we do–no aurora borealis. 😦 Green's my favorite color, too. I'd love to walk outside and see the sky look like that every night. And you could sit outside and crochet!

  5. But you could fly! (or drive) to Alaska to meet Aurora. The distance isn't that bad (compared to where I live, should I decide that I want to meet Aurora, too).It would be lovely to see something like that every night (go outside, look at that while chatting until it's time to sleep). Nothing truly beautiful like that ever happens in my side of town. (It would be great if we had autumn, too.)

  6. Driving Distance: 4806 miles

    Driving Time: 83 hours, 31 minutesAlmost 3.5 solid days of driving? That's a kick, and Lord knows I'm not flying (after that scary story), but maybe someday, if I had a few weeks and a bunch of money, I could take a train.

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