Why John McCain was banned from Mardi Gras

The Senator's just a bit too wild for the Crescent City.


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10 Responses to “Why John McCain was banned from Mardi Gras”

  1. Dear Lord. Maybe they were worried he'd wear that get-up and blind everyone.

  2. Now I know why they call New Orleans the Big Easy. *faints*

  3. *sputter sputter*LOL! Holy COW…or should I say BULL?Too funny!

  4. Disgusting. Everyone knows a flasher's trench coat should extend down to at least the mid-shin.

  5. Well, Kirk, there's all kinds of sin and e-ville going on during Mardi Gras. Behind and to the left of the Senator is one of the vilest, most egregious horrors: a "socks with sandals" violation. Kinda puts things in perspective, no?

  6. Thats why he has such a hot young wife. It all makes sense now.

  7. Can you see Mr Darcy wearing that? *listens to Jane Austen roll over in her prim little grave*

  8. I don't know what version you were reading but in my Pride and Prejudice, there was reason for his Pride…Darcy was hung like a stallion.(ok that's going to get me ostracized from every Austen loving society everywhere)

  9. I was referring more to the boobies-in-a-bikini ballcap, the white Nikes and white socks, the flasher mini-jacket, and the vast array of baubles. I never doubted that Darcy walked around in a Speedo w/attached novelty balls and bat. 😉

  10. I wanted to look away but I couldn't…

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