Lest anyone bug you…

Just blow this up, and stick it on your office door, and maybe idiots will leave you in peace.

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7 Responses to “Lest anyone bug you…”

  1. Oooooo, skeery!

  2. DUN DUN DUNNN! that should keep those morons away!

  3. I actually think that big guy in the picture is too pretty to scare anyone away. But I love felines, so what do I know….

  4. prettty!guess it wouldnt work to scare me away

  5. You have rabid moose and herds of bison and grumpy yaks running around where you are, so one simple little death cat wouldn't scare you, my tough-as-nails Yukonbagel. 😉

  6. haha wellll i never ever see these rabid animals! i wish i could though…that would be great. the closest i got to seeing wildlife really is going on a roadtrip to Montana with my brother…which was totally kickass. I'll roadtrip to anywhere.anywhere i tell you. :PBut im still tough-as-nails Yukonbagel 🙂

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