Something ate the moon!

Wednesday's lunar eclipse was a washout here–we had overcast skies.  This guy did well.  His picture (and others) are on 

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4 Responses to “Something ate the moon!”

  1. You know what this picture reminds me of? In my senior-year high-school Physics class, we had a project that required us to chart, using rather complicated math, the orbital path of a planet around a sun. What you see here is a condensed version of the path my planet took. See, I suck terribly at math and crashed my planet into its sun. 😦

  2. I'm so glad Gawd has the marble in his talons instead of you. lol

  3. Impressive. Very impressive. Nobody digs back that far. Nobody.You must be rewarded. If you feel like it, shoot me a PM with a mailing addy and I'll send you something Gawd-related.

  4. Delightful! And it reminds me of TiddlyWinks…..

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