I wonder…

It's widely believed that if you bury a statue of St Joseph in front of a house, it will sell.  St Joseph was Jesus' father (the carbon-based one, anyway), and he's patron saint of carpenters, children's aspirin, and real estate transactions.  My question is, who first decided to bury a St Joseph statue–upside-down, even–in the yard? Sounds like somebody was mad at the guy.  Maybe they were carpentering, smashed their finger, and the only aspirin in the house was baby aspirin, so they buried poor St Joseph to spite him.  And if you hated your neighbors, could you bury St Joseph in front of their house, and they'd soon move?

I'll just stick with the way I've always done it: take a St Joseph statue, smack the neighbor upside the head, bury him in the yard, then steal his aspirin.  Of course, I'm not Catholic.  And I rent.

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4 Responses to “I wonder…”

  1. Mmm, mmm, St. Joseph's Orange-Flavored Baby Aspirin. I used to fake headaches so my mother would give me a few. But that's a good idea, burying St. Joseph in your neighbor's yard to get them to move. I wonder if it works in apartment buildings. What if you bury St. Joseph under the potted palm in the lobby?

  2. I give that to my pug when she's achy breaky. :)What is it with upside down stuff? I'm Catholic… I'm scared of pissing any saint off. I did have an eastern orthodox catholic friend though, who used to like putting upside down crosses in his yard. But I don't think that was for luck, it was more like a hobby. The kind where you try to annoy your mother to the point she starts screaming in her native tongue. And this comment my friends, is what I would call a complete tangent. Sorry tom.. I do that a lot. 😉

  3. I was told by a former neighbor, a Sicilian woman, that it was from an old Roman belief that if you buried the figurine upside down, it would become so uncomfortable that it would make your wish come true. Why St. Joseph should be punished so is beyond my ken.(I'm betting there are St. Joseph statues being buried all over the country right now with the real estate market being what it is. He must have gotten used to it by now, since I don't see houses moving very fast.)

  4. Why St. Joseph should be punished so is beyond my ken.I know. As if it wasn't enough to find out your supposedly-virginal teenaged bride is knocked-up, then having her baby-daddy tell you to move here and move there, then you have to raise the Kid–who's always running off to hang at His "real Father's" house, and turning water into wine at weddings (and you KNOW you can't lay a hand on him–then the little Kid goes and gets Himself killed because He pissed-off the wrong people? As if all that wasn't enough, now he's 2000 years dead, and greedy bastards keep burying his image upside-down, because they want him to help sell their crappy houses? Poor guy. No wonder he has a headache. Thanks for the report, though. They say "Hail Mary's" for his wife, and Joseph gets buried in the yard. Sad.

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