2 Guys, 1 Cup

A few days ago, I mentioned the viral video "2 Girls, 1 Cup."  It's nasty.  Really, really nasty.

Here, I present "2 Guys, 1 Cup," with John Mayer.  It's actually pretty funny, if you've seen the other one.

2 Guys, 1 Cup

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6 Responses to “2 Guys, 1 Cup”

  1. Oh, I'm behind the curve here — haven't seen the girl one– will go look for it…..

  2. haha!
    (yes, that implies that I have, unfortunately, seen the original and one other take on it)

  3. someone finally told me what the 2 girls one cup site was about and I didn't get it. This is cute tho. šŸ™‚

  4. LOL! Now this is funny.

  5. [esto es genial]

  6. Lol! I didn't make it all the way through the girl video, but enough to know this one is a good parody. Somehow it makes me think of Ocean's Thirteen where George Clooney gets busted for drinking wine and watching Oprah (at least I think that's the right movie.)

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