Vox Hunt: I’d Like To Be Like

Show us the person you want to be like in life. 
Submitted by Beshr.

Bert Blyleven has the best stats of any pitcher not in the Hall of Fame (287 wins, #5 in career strikeouts).  He threw the nastiest curveball I've ever seen.  Plus, he got away with dropping an f-bomb on live tv, and he has one hell of a great hobby (see t-shirt).

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5 Responses to “Vox Hunt: I’d Like To Be Like”

  1. Don't care much about baseball skills, but I definitely want that t-shirt. šŸ˜€

  2. He's cute, too.BTW I used to work with a guy everyone called Art the Fart. Not sure why. hah.

  3. Where I used to work, some unknown coworker would Blyleven in the fax room and the mystery person was dubbed the PHANTOM FAX FARTER.
    FYI – the Phantom Fax Farter mystery is still unsolved.

  4. When I was at BGM, a female coworker used to Blyleven so horribly, that the hall next to her office would be impassible for at least a half hour. Eep. She was a helluva broadcaster, though, despite the toxic emissions.

  5. Wow, I didn't realize he is not in the Hall. Those bastards! He should definitely be in there.Side note: During a 2006 game, as a broadcaster, the topic of conversation with a guest shifted from George Brett to singing in the shower. Blyleven mentioned that he had showered with Brett, and the guest
    expressed surprise. Blyleven exclaimed "Well, there were other guys
    there! … although they did say not to bend over."

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