I’m Speechless

This church is made entirely from Lego blocks.  Every detail.  From Lego's.  It's absolutely amazing the amount of work that went into this thing.  I spent a few minutes looking through her site, and I've had a strange, quizzical look on my face ever since.  It's…awesome? I mean, the Sistine Chapel is awesome, and this is made with Lego's, but still…it's quite an achievement. 

Take a few minutes and look at all the pictures on her site.  I wouldn't even know where to begin thinking of imagining doing something like this.  My parents never gave me Lego's (they knew I'd do something devious with them, and probably blow up the house or end up in prison).  And she dedicates it as a tribute to Precious, her cat.  I told Kitten not to get her hopes up.  Enjoy.

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12 Responses to “I’m Speechless”

  1. Part of me is really impressed and part of me is like, "Wow. WAY too much free time."

  2. I know! I was the same way. Then again, I can waste an entire Sunday doing the three big crosswords in the paper, so who am I to throw little Lego stones, right?

  3. think thats badass? Check out this site…lego versions of escher drawings, and scuptures and the like.

  4. Good Lord! I always loved Lego's, but I never imagined grown-ups did such things with them. I wonder if they still swallow them or get them lodged in a nostril, on occasion–just for nostalgia's sake.

  5. I'm very sad that you never had Legos. 😦 I have 2 50-gallon rubbermaid tubs of them from my kid's days. Mine were lost in Ohio, but they were of equal proportions. My kid's are currently on loan to the nephew, but I'm keeping them around for if/when my kid has kids. Legos are timeless. 🙂 I love them. But I only play with them when I'm watching a rugrat of some relation to me. That stuff above, and Ginger-sis's link… all very cool.

  6. That's a bunch of Legos! You could build a Lego Boeing plant. I bet you could have some serious fun with them, if the rugrats didn't get in the way of your genius.

  7. I'm such a lego fiend, it's been speculated that if and/or when I get married that my cake toppers will be made out of Lego's. I have a chest full. I love them 🙂

  8. Maybe you could have your wedding in the Lego church! If, of course, you were three inches tall. It was an idea, though. 😉

  9. Well I am working on loosing weight…..

  10. This is amazing! Seriously, that's incredible and beautiful! I don't think I had LEGOS as a kid — I had those wooden log things – Lincoln Logs, I think — you could make big log cabins. Anyway, I have a digital LEGO program on my computer: LEGO that's the help manual — mine's for Mac and it was FREE!!! I think it's for PCs too — a download. If you want more info let me know and I'll get the site. Can't see it right now. Anyway, it' a HOOT!!!!!!! you can build stuff. Onscreen!Thanks for this — wow- going away now to further explore that site…..

  11. I've seen the church site before but not the escher one – will have to check that out when I've got a few minutes

  12. jeez that's mad. The only times I was made to go to church as a kid I fainted or got the giggles so hard that I got chucked out.Nothing to do with the artistry but I'm well impressed. Also in the the mind as comment number 1, I wish to god that I had that much free time but if I did I would probably be down the pub so hey…Thanks Tom for the add.

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