Anna-Sofia (aka, Kitten) on her Yoga Mat

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9 Responses to “Anna-Sofia (aka, Kitten) on her Yoga Mat”

  1. beautiful kitty!

  2. *waves* She' so lovely!Please tell her that Sweetie thinks she's a knockout!

  3. She has a lovely face! Purrr-ty tabby girl 🙂

  4. I bet she refuses to do the upward and/or downward dog.

  5. she is very good lookeei likee her eyesluv dg

  6. Wow, she really does look like Eliza, except that she doesn't have fire spitting from her eyes. But what a pretty kitty. She doesn't jump on your back while you're on all fours, does she? Eliza doesn't think I "work it" hard enough.

  7. Oh yes, we will def get on if you're a pussy lover! ;)Seriously I have a gorgeous boy cat called Cath. (Welsh for Cat) Much loved member of the family

  8. Frequently, cats are the most lovable members of a family, certainly in my cave. Hope all went well with your brother. t

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