Merry Christmas ~<:-)

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Voxiverse,
Those allergic to salmon are all cream-cheese-with-lox averse.

I've worked on that line for weeks, and I wasn't going to leave it till next year. 

I won't write much, just thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and pm's, etc.  The 2nd surgery went well.  The docs and nurses are wise and caring, and St Anthony has thoughtfully provided free wireless internet to go along with the Dilaudid.  I've only been in Vox a few months, but I've made some great friends here, and it's been my privilege.  The squiggles on the above pic are good squiggles, and we just had Christmas Dinner on ICU. (I should add, the docs and nurses had dinner.  Tom enjoyed icewater, Dilaudid, and the wafting aroma of their feast.)

Enjoy your Christmas.  And, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless us every one.

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6 Responses to “Merry Christmas ~<:-)”

  1. We'll smuggle you in some contraband food. What's your pleasure? But first…satellites are picking up heat blooms in polijarny inlet so I will have to sail to the neptune massive before we come up. HoHoHo 2E

  2. i know ur sick but wheres my PM's bitch ? 😉 😛 just messing, im glad you are doing better and that u didnt wait longer to go into the hospital. please update me if anything else happens!Your Bagel

  3. Where are you now? Are you better? Omigosh!!!!!!!! This post was 5 days ago!Get better faster!!!!!!!!!

  4. And that lox-averse line was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!I'll send you an audio message if you can listen to it!

  5. I'm fashionably late to the party but wanted to offer my best forced festive holiday yuletide laurel and hearty handshake. I'm becoming more educated about the ways of the virus world every day.If I say that I hope you are well soon, it sounds false and shallow to my own ears. The truth is that I am alternately heartsick and happy for you – heartsick because you are so broken now and happy that the hands around you are taking care of you well.Besides, how could I not love anyone who comes up with "lox averse"???

  6. RobbbieDobbbie just told me (I'm part of her Vox neighborhood) that you're having a rough time, so I wanted to come over and join the people who are wishing you well. May the doctors and nurses continue to do their caring and compassionate best to help you.
    (and yes, "lox-averse" is excellent!)

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