QotD: A Life-Changing Work of Art

What work of art (film, book, record, whatever) changed your life?
Submitted by bodhibound.

Ingmar Bergman's 1983 film Fanny and Alexander was the first foreign film I saw in a theater.  I'd read all the glowing reviews, and I was going through an intellectually arrogant phase, so a 3.5 hour Swedish film full of child abuse, magic, puppets, flatulence, ghosts, exuberant family life, Jewish mysticism, and so much more seemed perfect to me.  I loved it.  The colors, the deep multi-faceted story, the poetry of the Swedish dialog, Sven Nyqvist's Oscar-winning cinematography–the whole thing inspired me to study film theory and history in college.  It was highly interesting and a lot of fun, although a few years down the road I wish I'd taken some accounting classes instead.
Nah, not really.  Fanny and Alexander won four Oscars out of six nominations, but for me it opened my eyes to the idea that film could be art, far beyond Rocky LCX and Indiana Jones and the Artificial Hip.  I hope I get this on DVD for Christmas. 

And Tommy Boy. 

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4 Responses to “QotD: A Life-Changing Work of Art”

  1. im favoriting this so i can remember it. I want to check it out:) sounds good

  2. OK, I've been intellctually arrogant (lol — so funny!!!) — but I never saw this…..I remember hearing good things about it though.

  3. It's 3.5 hours long and in Swedish. And since you have nothing else going on in your life just now…
    I'd recommend Tommy Boy instead.

  4. hahah — so true!I think I'll stick with the Swedish Chef from the Muppets…!

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