Still, the greatest scene ever

Bye-bye Janet Leigh

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2 Responses to “Still, the greatest scene ever”

  1. I just had this approximate thought process:"Hey, I bet that's the infamous shower scene from "Psycho" that I've never watched because I'm a big baby when it comes to horror movies!" "Oh, I'm not that bad, I'll watch it." "I am exactly that bad, don't do it!" "Look, I'm doing it, I'm doing it!" "Hey, this isn't so ba–WHOA! WHOA! AAAAHHHHHH!" I then notice that I am downstairs alone in the kitchen. I have to walk upstairs to bed in the dark so as not to wake anyone. And then go into the bathroom (with a shower, naturally) to brush my teeth.I suppose I can check this off of a list of things to do before I die now…

  2. Sorry I ruined your life! lolI minored in Film in college, and for my Hitchcock class, not only did we have to watch all of H's films, we spent an entire week going through the Psycho shower scene frame by frame. It's pretty scary, considering it's in black & white, there isn't really much blood, and you never see the knife going into her. Hitchcock would've puked watching some of the movies today. Anyway, I hope you can sleep again soon, or at least get used to brushing your teeth in the kitchen sink. 😉

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